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You deserve to feel calm, happy and confident

  • Are you ready to make changes but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut or vicious cycle?
  • Does negative thinking hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams?

Combining therapeutic compassion & insight with action & accountability

My unique blend of therapy and mindset coaching techniques will help you identify and remove obstacles blocking your way to health and happiness.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, stress. You may use food, alcohol, smoking and/or busy-ness (or good old fashioned avoidance) as ways to deal with these issues. Unfortunately though, these are at best temporary band-aids and you’re looking to find long term solutions.

Therapy and/or coaching can help you discover alternative ways to manage these issues and provide you with some much needed relief! There is NO reason to struggle and suffer through life or to just “get by”. You deserve to take care of yourself and to find happiness in all areas of your life.

My goal is to support you through this process.

Hi I’m Kathy Most. I am excited to share with you the blend of therapy and coaching that I offer. This combination of techniques will allow you to make your desired changes more efficiently. 

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Make Peace With Food - Touchstone Therapy & Mindset Coaching

Make Peace With Food

I specialize in helping clients overcome eating disorders, with a focus on binge eating, compulsive eating and emotional eating.
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Stress & Mood Management - Touchstone Therapy & Mindset Coaching

Stress & Mood Management

We all have stress and emotions. If you feel
overwhelmed by either, I can help.
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Self-Care - Touchstone Therapy & Mindset Coaching


How we treat ourselves determines our health and happiness. Let’s make sure you are treating yourself well, as you deserve.
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Goal Setting - Touchstone Therapy & Mindset Coaching

Goal Setting

Are you frustrated by your unrealized dreams and goals? Let’s identify and remove the obstacles together so you can achieve them.
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Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consultation

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