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Do you set goals for yourself but have trouble getting past step one?

Do you rarely finish what you’ve started?

It’s important to have goals. They give us focus and purpose. It doesn’t have to be huge, life changing goals either. You can have a goal to read more or drink more water. Often starting with these smaller goals is more manageable and leads to a sense of accomplishment which motivates you to tackle more goals.

Often when we set a goal it is too vague and/or we are not clear on why we want to achieve this goal.

For success, goals, and especially the steps needed to get there, should be very specific. People often give up on their goals when they don’t achieve them right away.

While I completely understand how hard it can be to be patient, making changes does take time and does not happen over night. It is important to outline smaller steps to take towards the bigger goal, and even more important to give yourself credit for each step.

Goal Setting - Touchstone Therapy & Mindset Coaching

Having goals in life gives us something to strive for and when you achieve a goal you have a great sense of accomplishment.

We can have goals in all areas of our lives, from professional to relationship goals, goals for our health, you can have a goal to knit your family sweaters for the holidays.

No matter the type of goal, my blend of therapy and coaching can be very helpful to help you gain clarity in what you want and why. We will also identify and remove any obstacles to achieving your goal.

“Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.” -Tony Robbins

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