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Meditation is another tool I feel very passionate about and I wish everybody would at least try it.

I know a lot of people try meditation and feel they “can’t do it” and/or “didn’t do it right”. Everybody can meditate and be mindful, it is a practice that we all have to cultivate and work at. Even a few minutes a day can be very beneficial.

Meditation and mindfulness have numerous benefits for our health and overall well being.

Some include:

  • increased focus and concentration
  • better sleep
  • decreased anxiety and improved mood
  • increased feelings of calm
  • less reactive to stressors and triggers
  • calming the mind will calm the body which helps many physical issues

I am excited to offer meditation classes to help more people learn this skill and enjoy the benefits it offers. Having a scheduled class can really help with creating a long term routine and practice of meditating regularly.

No meditation experience is necessary.

Classes are offered in person, virtual and recordings are available.

Each 30 minute class will include a guided meditation to increase mindfulness, self compassion and relaxation in the mind and body.

(Current clients can receive a code for one free trial class)

Classes will practice a variety of meditation techniques.

Check out the registration page for special event classes!

Private group classes available upon request.

(If the current schedule doesn’t work for you, other classes will be added so please contact me with your interest and availability!)

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”– Ajahn Brahm

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