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I’ve been seeing Kathy Most for over 3 years now, and it’s possible that therapy “in general” has helped me make such significant, positive changes in my life. But realistically, I could never have done it without her. I was such a mess when I met her – working 60+ hours per week in a job that I hated (although I didn’t know it at the time), pissed off all the time and in danger of screwing up my marriage. I had never in my life asked myself what it was I wanted.My personal experience with her is one of no judgments or criticisms, EVER – what Kathy does for me is look at whatever the situation is and give me an alternate view of it. That view is usually something I’ve never even considered, and is generally MUCH CLOSER TO REALITY, but sometimes she thinks exactly what I’ve been thinking – only in a far less harsh way. And when someone can look at your fears or heartbreaks or all the ugly things you think about yourself and be truly objective about them, it makes them much easier to handle.

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