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I started working with Kathy in the summer of 2016. She has been to me a steady support in what was a time of new transition for me: newly divorced, bad, toxic dating relationships, children with serious illnesses, a job I was coming to hate and recreational drinking. I was lost from my faith and I worried that nothing would ever change and I would keep making the same mistakes over and over. Slowly, methodically and almost without realizing it, Kathy helped me to reframe my ways of thinking that were applicable to me and my life. With her help I began to set small goals for myself: self care, family care, home care and faith care. As I added these very important areas of attention back to my life, I was able to see progress which begat more progress. It has been a walk at times crooked and backwards, which has been painful, wonderful and now I can say, with gratitude, fabulous! If you are a person willing to look honestly and at times painfully at the layers of your life, Kathy will be an empathetic listener, probing with questions when needed, and gentle guidance to help you in your goals and growth.

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