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What is a Touchstone?

What is a Touchstone?

This year is my 20th year as a therapist and this month marks my 17th year in private practice. Happy Anniversary to me! I am beyond grateful to have been in practice for this long and I’m excited for the years ahead. Adding Mindset Coaching to my skills has given new energy to my work and I can’t wait to see the effects and changes in my clients as a result of the new techniques I’m learning.

As I’ve been expanding my practice and changing my business name to include Mindset Coaching, it reminded me of why I chose the name Touchstone to begin with. What a great topic for my blog to acknowledge my anniversary!

The word touchstone has several meanings. In the past, it meant a dark stone used to test the quality of gold and silver. This is why my logo is of black stones. From there, a touchstone became a reference for determining the quality or greatness of something.

As a touchstone for my clients, I am not judging their greatness, but rather helping them see the greatness they already possess and building from there based on their goals. I am just a touchstone to help them see it for themselves.

“A touchstone can be a personal symbol or emblem that represents your dream and that helps you to stay on track and stay true to your vision” *

This quote really encapsulates my goal for my clients, especially as a mindset coach. I am just the tour guide, keeping you on track towards your goals and dreams. It really is an honor to work with great people motivated to better themselves and achieve their goals.

As human beings, our capabilities truly are endless and I strive to help people realize that about themselves. Our minds usually impede our progress before anything else external does. If you could use a touchstone in your life to help bring out your greatness, contact me for a consultation.

Thank you to all who have supported my practice for 17 years!

Kathy Most
Therapist in Westfield, NJ
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*Quote from “The grounding effect of a personal touchstone”

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