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Two Minutes of Peace, Calm and Kindness

Two Minutes of Peace Exercise

I’ve been bouncing around ideas for this month’s blog for weeks.

I haven’t been able to nail down exactly what I want to write about. As I think about what people are dealing with right now, well…there’s a lot.

Parents, kids and teachers are dealing with schools opening, closing, hybrid, all virtual. The election is quickly approaching. Covid cases are on the rise in some areas, the holidays are coming and people are wondering what that will be like this year amid the pandemic.

Stress is among us, so today I want to try to spread some warmth, kindness and give you two minutes of peace and calm.

So first, wherever you are right now reading this, notice your shoulders, maybe let them relax and move away from your ears. Notice any tension in the jaw and mouth, allow that to soften. Let your arms and legs release any tension they may be holding. Allow the belly and chest to soften and open and take a long, slow deep breath, lengthening the exhale. Feel free to even say ahhhh out loud if you can. Take a couple more breaths, allowing stress and tension to release with each exhale.

Feeling any better?

I will often take my clients through a short relaxation like this during a session if they are particularly anxious and wound up. It is amazing what just 2-3 minutes can do to positively change how you are feeling. This is something you can do anywhere, any time, nobody even has to know that you’re doing it.

Now that you’re feeling a little bit calmer, let’s spread some kindness and joy.

One way to do this is through visualization and/or looking at images or videos of things that bring you these positive feelings. It really can be that simple. No, it won’t change what’s going on around us, but it can definitely change how you are responding to it. Imagine or Google images that make you happy, maybe it’s baby animals, landscapes, your children as babies, anything you’d like. Try it!

Next I want you to think of how you want to feel and simply say those words to yourself (or you can write them down, or do both). Notice how you feel if you close your eyes and say the words calm, peaceful, happy, content, loved, etc. If you don’t believe me, do the opposite as well, say to yourself stress, anxious, fearful, angry, frustrated and really pay attention to how you feel.

Did you notice muscles in your body tensing up to the negative words? Did they relax and feel soothed to the positive words? You can also try this if you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep. Say to yourself tired, sleepy, comfy, relaxed, cozy, etc.

The words we say to ourselves definitely affect our mental and emotional states.

Since the mind and body don’t know fact from fiction, it just responds to the information given, you might as well give it some peace and positivity!

So this blog is a gift of positive calming words. Read them over and over as much as you need.










If all else fails, simply smile. When you smile, your brain releases certain chemicals and endorphins that can improve mood and help to fight off stress. If you’d like to learn more stress/mood management and relaxation techniques, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Be well.

Kathy Most
Therapist in Westfield, NJ
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